Female Fertility Enhancement Kit

Female Fertility Enhancement Kit

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This kit is designed with your optimal fertility and your future child's healthiest potential in mind. Supplies the essential nutrients to help you nourish high quality eggs and prepare for healthy pregnancy. Optimize your female fertility & preconception nutritional supplementation with this kit:

  1. Prenatal Pro (2 bottles) – 2 capsules 3x daily with food
  2. Q-Evail 200 mg (1 bottle) – 1 capsule 1x daily with food
  3. OmegaAvail Ultra (2 bottles) – 1 softgel 2x daily with food
  4. Mitochondrial NRG (2 bottles) – 2 capsules 2x daily with food
  5. Emulsi-D3 Synergy (1 bottle) – 1 mL once daily with food

Prenatal Pro - includes high-quality fertility and prenatal nutrition including active folate and vitamin B12, absorbable iron, and choline, a nutrient that helps boost your future baby's brain health. Studies show prenatal vitamins given in multiple doses daily are more effective. Suggested Dose: 1 capsule 3x daily with food.

Q-Evail 200 mg - provides active coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant that supports egg health. Suggested Dose:

OmegAvail Liquid (237ml) - omega 3 fish oils highly purified, good-tasting and provides a concentrated dose of the essential fatty acids that reduce inflammation, build your baby's brain and future cognitive health, and reduce the risk for anxiety and postpartum depression. Suggested Dose: 3/4 tsp daily with food.

Mitochondrial NRG - this combination of nutrients aids egg health by providing high quality antioxidant and energy support needed for optimal follicle development. Suggested dose: 1 capsule 2x daily with food.

Emulsi-D3 Synergy - combination of vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. Vitamin D3 is essential for steroid hormone balance, keeping your immune system healthy and reducing the risk of autoimmunity during pregnancy. Both vitamins D3 and K2 are essential for both your and your baby's bone health. Vitamin K2 is essential for your baby's skeletal development. Suggested Dose: 1 drop daily with food.